In the blink of an eye, there are only three months left in 2018. After a few rains, the autumn came quietly. The autumn is a harvest season compared to the four seasons, and many plants mature in the fall. Without the heat of summer, the cool weather reflects the changing scenery. So, there are many lovers who will choose to enter the marriage hall in this fruitful season.

When refer to the marriage, of course, the ring is indispensable. And it is the best choice is the diamond ring. However, if there is a watch that can replace the diamond ring, I don’t know whether there will be lovers to choose. Today, I introduced a watch ring. And I don’t know if people have seen it before. Then let’s see what the watch ring looks like.

Since it is a ring, diamonds are definitely indispensable. This replica Rado Ture Jubile collection is made of diamond elements inside, which is luxurious and beautiful. The outer ring of the round black dial is tiled with polished diamonds that more than the width of the scale circle. At 12 o’clock stays a unique design of silver dots, and the perfect combination of diamond ring.

Ok, when it comes to this, everyone should know the truth of the matter. This is a watch, which just has a shape like a ring in the design element. I made a little joke to everyone, but when people saw such a chic watch, they should not blame me. Then let’s continue to appreciate the charm of this replica watch.

The square-cut diamond hour markers are very appealing on the black dial, just like the twinkling stars in the night sky. In addition to the luster of the diamond itself, these markers also have the luster of Clous de Paris (I think this effect should be due to cutting, ans it is very embarrassing anyway).

There is also a round date display window at 6 o’clock, which is relatively small, adding practical features to the watch. Rado watches have always ceramic style. This replica watch features a Swiss 316L Steel case. Although not comfortable to wear ceramics, the life of this watch is relatively longer. After all, the wear resistance and anti-strike effect of stainless steel materials are still commendable.

And the polished stainless steel strap is also uniquely designed. Compared to the conventional style, this strap has the semi-circular concave and convex in the middle. Don’t underestimate this small detail. It can fit the wrist well without wearing pressure on the skin during the wearing of watch. The polish of the watch is very delicate, and the various parts of the strap are perfectly connected.

Rado opened a new window for the watchmaking world in high-tech ceramic watches field. And it sets off a high-tech material whirlwind. Whether the design of high-tech ceramic watches, or the internal configuration, as well as the inherent beauty of high-tech ceramics that all of these make Rado watches have been recognized and supported by consumers.

The pure color ceramic decoration adds a touch of sophistication to the shape of the watch. Signature barrel-shaped case of the watch is perfectly integrated with the smooth lines of ceramics. And the one-piece lugs combines with a unique bracelet adding a charming feeling to the entire watch. The whole body is made of high-tech ceramics, which is warm to touch and comfortable to wear, giving the skin the most intimate care.

Choosing this replica ceramic watch is not only because of its low price, but also due to its high quality and strict pursuit of craftsmanship.

The Detail of Replica Radar Timing Ceramic Watch
In general, the design of ceramic watches is relatively simple. After all, the technical requirements for the production of watches are relatively high. In order to occupy the market, brands generally reduce the introduction of complex processes appropriately, and only attract consumers based on the appearance of ceramics. Although the appearance is the pattern inherent in ordinary ceramic watches, the delicate and compact dial will fully attract people’s attention.

In order to make the timing function easy to use, this replica watch has three small dials. Previous small dials have a circular outer structure, and this replica watch introduces a square dial. Moreover, the shape of the time scale and date display window is also a square design. With a sword-shaped pointer, the entire dial is a collection of square structures. So as to alleviate the toughness of the square design, the hour and minute rings of watch are displayed with the round button on the outer ring. This combination of square and round makes the dial even more delicate.

Luminous coating decoration makes it easy to master time even in the dark. The Sapphire Crystal mirror converts light very well, making time reading easier and more convenient.

This engraved watch is still fitted with a traditional round crown, but the chronograph button adds an innovative element. Irregular shape, like the protective lock, is distributed on both sides of the crown. This is also one of the more attractive features of replica watch.

Although it has screw down back, two sides are treated by the pressing technology making case does not look too thick. If the watch has a problem and needs to be repaired, this back can be easily opened.
Although the ceramic strap wears the Deployment buckle that is not new, it is convenient for daily use.

Many people are wondering why ceramic watches are so popular? As everyone knows, the texture of ceramic has its own unique attributes, which are more portable. Ok, let’s take a look at the ceramic replica watch of the Rado Sintra Jubile series.

Sintra Series Review
The integrated shape of the Rado Sintra Jubile series is like an architectural structure, and the Challenge of Rado is an original concept. This series is currently the most popular model of the watch with its own style. It includes an observatory watch, a sports chronograph watch, an automatic mechanical watch and Sintra Super Jubile watch, which always uses classic black, white, pink and other colored elements. And the color collection made of high-tech ceramics is highly favored by elegant women.

The classic barrel design is the hallmark of the Sintra collection. The proportion of redesigned in 2007 is the essence of the original idea. Curved square of the dial and the smooth barrel-shaped case gradually extend into the strap. The Sintra series black watch is covered in high-tech precision ceramics. The high-tech ceramic bracelet with a tactile experience makes the wrist a comfortable feeling.

Rado Sintra Series Replica Watch Overview
The Rado Sintra Super Jubile Series continues the strong black legend. The metal-plated black sapphire crystal interacts with the dial and blends in with the barrel-shaped high-tech ceramic case. The monolithic bracelet is completely smooth, and almost each section is progressively extended to the end. A continuous stretch of a single colored line seems charm and noble. Delicate hands and four diamonds markers are accentuated the dial. Inlaid with 48 real diamonds on both sides of the case, which is dazzling.

Superb overall ceramic craft
1. High-tech precision ceramics are often used in medical, aerospace or F1 racing cars. The quality is quite high, which is one of factors for its popular.
2. The high scratch resistance of high-tech ceramics will keep your watch from being scratched by other accessories.
3. Cases and bracelets that play a decisive role in protecting the movement, waterproofing, anti-magnetic, shockproof and wearing, whose weight is more than 95% of the quality of the entire watch. When using high-tech ceramics, the weight can reduce the quality by 60%! Even if the big dial, for the slender wrists of the women, because they are quite light that are no longer guilty.
4. High-tech ceramics have a strong affinity with the skin. If you drink water from a porcelain cup and the skin will not be allergic. Then you will not have a one-second allergy feeling when you wear a ceramic watch for a lifetime.
5. Because of its physical stability, rust and heat resistance, which are not easy to stain. All the elements make the watch easily to wear and collect.

The watch with steel belt and the leather strap are annoying, and I want to change the ceramic watch. So I consulted a friend who works on the watch after-sale for some tips. He told me: “Then you can ask the right person, I have known more tips about ceramic watches than you have seen!”

Afterwords, he told me about some ceramic watches and I will share them with you.
Tips about High-Tech Ceramics watch

First of all, ceramic watches are fragile.
The ceramic watches were out of order because it was broken that were sent to the after-sale office. The ceramic watch is not to say that it is easily fragile, but a ceramic material that makes everything fragile.

Various of broken methods:
Take a shot on the table, falling off the bedside table or the buckle did not work the making the watch fly away that might be broken into slag. So ceramic watches should be treated as carefully as valuables. After all, ceramic watches are expensive in the process.

Second, the methods on how to maintain a ceramic watch.
When the ceramic bracelet is dirty due to long-term wear, just use a small toothbrush with the soap to gently scrub. (The best way to clean ceramic bracelet is to remove it and prevent the movement from entering the water. Of course, buying a black ceramic watch should be a perfect choice that the dirty can’t be seen from the black appearance).

It is best way to put the desiccant in the place where the watch stays, but avoid using chemicals such as mothballs and insect repellents.

Different watches should be worn for different occasions. For sports moment, it is perfect to use a sports watch with excellent waterproof and shock resistance that will suitable for the moment.

Special reminder:
No watch should be worn in hot water or bathroom. Even if your watch is waterproof. Because the seal of the watch is rubber. And due to the heat, it is easy to age. And the water vapor molecules around it are relatively small. It easily penetrates into the case and causes internal mechanical damage.

Finally, I will recommend a High-Tech Ceramics watch for persons — Rado Sintra Jubile date knockoff watch.

Technique detail
Movement: ASIAN Mechanical
Class: Sapphire Crystal
Functions: Date,Hours-Minutes-Seconds
Markers: Baton&Numerals
Case material: Swiss 316L Steel
Case thickness: 10mm
Range of Size: 20-35mm
Size: 22mm
Accessories: Normal Box Packaged

Sum up:
In fact, for a watch, the displaying time is just one of many features, and it is becoming more and more marginal factor. When people choose a watch, the material and appearance seem to be more attractive. The High-Tech Ceramic watch is the pursuit of this top technology. At the time of enjoying the comfort of high-end crafts, please don’t forget to take good care of it. After all, good maintenance will make it last longer.

Now days, the ceramic watches have become the new darling of the watchmaking world. The ceramic material has the characteristics of luster, high hardness, no rust, discoloration, chemical stability and the like. Case and strap of watch are all made of high-tech ceramic composite material that become more and more popular. The advantages of the high-tech ceramic: good resistance to rust and heat, high hardness, not easy to wear, never fades and doesn’t damage the skin!

Watch details
This type is normal but the detail design is amusing. Silver makers are constituted by Arabic numerals and Batons. More smart, except the 4 o’clock, 8 o’clock and 12 o’clock are the Arabic numerals, the other markers only are wide Batons. Furthermore, the date window is at 6 o’clock (other watches always have Arabic numerals at 3 o’clock,6 o’clock,9 o’clock,12 o’clock. And the date window, generally speaking, stays at 3 o’clock). The Arabic numerals markers at 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock are eye-catching that are the unique elements.

22mm diameter white square dial is a little small but it is still the perfect size for wrist. And this watch is suit for exquisite men who pursue for fine life. The logo and signs add the fun to the stiffness watch.
This replica watch is made of High-Tech Ceramics, which is the fashion technique in watchmaking.

Fired at a high temperature of around 1500 °C, High-tech ceramic is a mineral powder based on zirconium dioxide (the diameter of powder particles is less than 1 micron). It has the same physical and chemical properties as traditional Chinese ceramics.
Waterproof, high temperature resistant, anti-fading and anti-corrosion is the feature of High-tech ceramic. And the surface is moist and flawless, which can emit soft and natural luster.
Compared with stainless steel watches, the weight of ceramic watches is reduced by about 60%. And the hardness is about 10 times that of stainless steel. More significant, it has the good resistance to rust and heat.
Screw-down watch back with the sign and the model feels cool. And the Invisible Double Locking Clasp offers a comfortable experience. The RADO and HIGH-TECH CERAMICS are engraved at the clasp showing the high-quality of this knockoff watch.

With the ASIAN Mechanical movement, this clone watch operates smoothly and steadily. Japanese Miyota is the level of this knockoff watch that owns the high-quality technique in watchmaking, Asian.

Maybe in hot summer, a cool and modern watch will be a wonderful thing with people. And if he/she has a holiday, wearing a High-Tech Ceramic that can clam the temper forgetting about the troublesome of the journey.

The white color symbolism in Western culture focuses on its own colors, such as the new snow, fresh milk and the color of the lily. Westerners think that white is elegant and pure, so it is the admirable color in Western culture. It symbolizes innocence.
So some good wishes all contain “white”: (1)innocence: a white soul, white wedding.
(2) integrity: a white spirit, white men, white hand. (3)luck: one of the white days of sb’s life, white magic. (4) legal and harmless: white market, white list, a white lie. White is the representation for purity and symbolizes holy elegance. Western countries generally like white.
So the blogger choose a white watch to attend the best friend’s weeding witnessing the happiness moment of life. This is the watch that blogger wearing. Let’s appreciate this special thing.
35mm diameter white mother-of-pearl dial with dots markers is the luxury element. Under the light, white mother-of-pearl dial reflect a colorful picture that is more special matching with the pure whole white watch.
Silver baton (straight style)hands with thin second hand display the time clearly.
Three dimensional effect silver steel logo of brand engraved under the 12 o’clock seems a little modern and elegant.
Round date window above the 6 o’clock is easy to catch the number in it. And there are some words at the bottom of the dial.
All of this elements of details are the advantages of this style of watch. And it also the eye-catching of itself.
The material of the oval case is high-tech ceramics that shows a cool for customer in such a hot summer.
The crown is also made of the high-tech ceramics offering a comfortable way to control watch keeping the time in a correct method.
Integrated lugs connect the case with the bracelet well that is the unique design of the brand.
Stainless steel screwed case back with the logo and model of the brand protects the movement in a right operation way.
Deployment Buckle with the RADO and HIGH TECH CERAMICS on each side of the buckle.
User experience
At first, it is the pure appearance that is simple and clean making the blogger falls in love with it. Then, after several months of use, the blogger thought it might be the wonderful choice to have this watch that always bring unexpected luck when attend some significant conference.
A pure white ceramic ladies watch with a focus on ceramic radar, and this watch is very thin which is only 8mm in thick. I believe that every woman who likes thin and white watches will be deeply attracted to it. At the same time, this replica watch is also worthy to own.

In the fashion trend, regardless of how the global fashion theme changes, the black system is always in the fashion torrent to stay in the classic throne, which is never tired! Especially when the crystal of high-tech ceramics blends with the classic black, the thick and full-bodied color is absolutely impossible for other materials to look back.
The Rado watch, which specializes in high-tech ceramic timepiece technology, began to gradually increase the proportion of mechanical watches in the series to meet the consumer groups that love automatic watches last year. The latest model of precision ceramic series mechanical watch is a modern design mixed with retro elements, and once again shaped into a new generation of luxury timepiece look in the language of Rado.
This knockoff Rado Ceramica watch combines classic elements with high-tech ceramic materials to create a trend-setting and stylish mechanical watch. Let more consumers understand the beauty of the high-tech ceramics set by the radar watch when they enjoy the beauty of the craftsmanship.
The square black dial has four solid-colored diamonds at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock. The golden sword-shaped hands (hour and minute hands) and a very thin second hand are conspicuous on a clean surface making time easier to distinguish. The letter logo of brand and date window are positioned respectively below the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock adding a touch of style and luxury to the watch. The Bracelet is made by high-tech ceramics, which can offers the owner a comfortable experience. Especially in summer, it feels cool.
The Deployment Buckle with Push Button makes the watch easy to open and close for easy wear. Engraved with brand logo, the buckle adds a sense of style to the elegant strap.
The round case back with a square bezel blends power with femininity. Screwed case back Firmly protects the movement so that the watch can function properly.
The black cermacia watch has a clear feeling in the noble. And the milder in the bright colors, especially suitable for elegant and tasteful but low-key people. There is less design to show off the fancy design that seems simple and modern. Through the silver, it is more reflexive. So that the pace of life is slowed down, and people can regain the long-lost elegance in the taste.
The delicate and smooth ceramics give a unique experience and touch. However, blogger feels that this watch is a bit dull. The dial is the same size as the strap lacking the beauty of change. The blogger still likes the well-defined watch style. Although the design of the dial is unique, but for the blogger who are relatively weak in orientation, this watch is really just an ornament for it is difficult to see the specific time. Maybe it is better to buy a digital watch than to do so.

When it comes to Rado, people naturally think of unique designs and materials that are not easy to wear. Since the introduction of the world’s first wearable watch in 1962, Rado has achieved amazing results in less than 40 years. With its exquisite craftsmanship and perfect design, Rado has become a favorite of all walks of life.

27mm diameter is suitable for daily wearing.The Rado Ture watch is made of silver steel. The rounded case line and the soft silver steel strap give the watch an excellent overall look. The time scales on the dial, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock are all decorated with diamonds that seems luxury and noble. And the 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions of the watch have a calendar window design and brand logo. The design of the silver-grey characters on the black background together with only four scales, which makes the reading of the watch seem a little difficult and the utility value is flawed. Maybe the designer needs to take some methods to solve this problem.

This replic Rado Ture watch (R27655752) uses Sapphire Crystal as a crystal, clear and bright, and resistant to wear. Although the round dial has no special features, it is very well matched and does not require too much wear. Dial is relatively simple, without too much decoration, it is more neat and simple, is an essential element to attend various business activities.

The streamlined lugs perfectly blend the dial and the strap for a visual enjoyment. And the strap is made of Swiss 316L Steel and is ideal for business people. Hiden clasp can nicely keep the watch on your wrist.

All-steel radar watch case,which is also known as stainless steel case. The so-called stainless steel is to add about 12% chromium to the steel to make it have a certain rust ability in the air or in the acid-base salt environment. The non-ferrous vanadium shell is generally made of chrome-nickel stainless steel, which contains about 10% nickel in addition to chromium. The case is characterized by high tensile strength, elongation, toughness and rust resistance. It is a good material for the manufacture of the watch case. This steel is non-magnetic and can exert anti-magnetic effect. And most of the case back covers are typically made of chrome-nickel stainless steel or chrome-nickel-titanium stainless steel.

This fake watch uses ASIAN Mechanical, although the Swiss movement is not highly recognizable, but the quality is very good. It is a perfect CP for replica watches.
This replic watch with 27 mm diameter case is not very big for men to wear, but it can also be more brightly when against the silver. This watch also has a date display function and daily waterproofing ability, which can meet the requirements of daily matching. And the price is not high, so it has a high cost performance.